5 Must Do’s for Data Governance Success


Data Governance success is all about engagement. But not just engagement of a few data-wonks, we mean engagement of your entire company. Attend these six 20-minute webinars, and we’ll show you how to make that possible.

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The 5 must do’s for guaranteed data governance success

In this introductory session we outline five data governance must-do’s that will start a collaborative data revolution, and enable your organisation to become truly data-driven.

Break out of the Data Governance Silo

Learn how to transform your data governance function from a silo into a powerful data governance network; a community of empowered, multi-disciplinary and dynamically evolving teams.

Go beyond data definitions and ownership

Learn how data governance can quickly move beyond the basics of definitions and ownership, to breathe new life into your data governance program. Learn how to engage the business and demonstrate more business value.

Facilitate, don’t police

Discover how to provide the facilitation and enablement to help all employees become more “data considerate” in their day-to-day work, while complying with policies and your data governance framework.

Embrace the chaos

Implementing an overly bureaucratic data governance regime will meet great resistance from busy people. In this session we outline a data governance approach that will help orchestrate dynamic business change.

Do Less and Achieve more

By decentralising and sharing the data governance workload across the organisation you can get a lot more done. But such an approach requires culture change and buy-in. In this session we explore how to achieve that.

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